Commission time again~

I’m sorry if you’ve heard a thousand pleas for money on this site today, but just hear me out, okay?

My parents have fallen so far into debt, that we may loose the house if things don’t change. I’ve already screwed up by letting my parents take a loan out for my schooling. Without a car, this is the only way I can make money to help lessen the load. I left two siblings at home, both of them getting closer to college themselves.  Until I transfer to another next summer, I have no chance of getting a job. So even if you have to pass on the art, please give this a signal boost. Anything helps.


  • + $2 for each add. character
  • 3 character max
  • simpe backgrounds only
  • keep it PG-13
  • I will do pinups but I have limits on doing things nsfw
  • I’m better at drawing females, so bare that in mind. Not to say I can’t draw males but females will probably be fancier
  • fanart is okay
  • send references for OC’s
  • I am very willing to come up with original designs for you or based on your ideas. 
  • all original designs will be used in my portfolio for school
  • WIP’s will be sent for shaded full bodies. Other categories can be requested.
  • must be fully paid before I will start
  • You will receive a digital copy of the work once it’s complete
  • I cannot see into the future. I will work within a deadline of a week,  more or less depending on the level of difficulty, but things do come up. If obstacles arise, I will notify you by email.
  • no refunds 

please email me at with your request and payment can be sent to that email via paypal as well. 

find more examples of my work here,here, and here