My Batgirl sketch entry for Sketch Dailies~ 

Done in blue prismacolor col-erase & copic multiliner (which I’m in love with)

"you’re amazing"

Took a couple liberties with their outfits but I’m just happy I finished in time to watch the premier. So excited for these two to become close~ I haven’t posted lok fanart in ages, it feels so great to finish one for once.

color palette ask meme: sansa stark + 14

color palette ask meme: amy pond + 17

Sketch of the light of my life, Sansa Stark, for today’s sketch dailies :))))

Messing around with the few Copic markers I have & doodling pretty mermaids~

The God of Lies must love you

Kestrel Trajan from the Winner’s Curse. A kestrel to one side, her escape ship on the other, and music notes in her braids~ Can’t wait for the sequel! 

please don’t repost

Work in progress of Kestrel Trajan from Marie Rutkoski’s “The Winner’s Curse”. Hope to give it to the author at her Fierce Reads panel if I can make it.

Mini announcement: Turns out the email on my commissions post was wrong. I didn’t catch the typo until the other day. If you were wanting a drawing, please re/send your information to (note the change from designs to design).

Thanks lovelies~

Alina Starkhov from Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy.

Made this design so I could make myself some buttons in time for the Ruin and Rising release. Can’t wait to see how it all ends!

(please do not use without my permission)