Wip for my 2D final. Colored pencils on illustration board. Quitting for the night bc my hand’s already dying D:

Filling my new sketchbook with Sansa Stark sketches while marathoning season 3

In order to comply with my vow to myself that I’ll post more on here, have a 99.99999998% done still life from my drawing class. The basket was hella hard to draw but overall I loved drawing it. Pretty much in love with charcoal now.

Project for 2D Design in its final stages. Words for it are “fire & ice”. Super pleased with it but who knows what my professor will say.

First time doing a sketch for sketch dailies on twitter & thought I’d share it. Cyborg Mermaid bc why the hell not~

Finally posting this after finishing right before Cress released. Scarlet Benoit from Marissa Meyer’s series The Lunar Chronicles. Scarlet’s my favourite character so I wanted to make something for her! I hope to do something for each of the ladies in this series~

watercolor & ink on watercolor paper

Happy New Year!

I hope 2014 treats you all wonderfully!

One of my resolutions this year is to complete a full set of concept art to fill up my portfolio. I don’t know if I’ll post pieces of it at random or all at once. But that, along side my classwork, will be my art goals for this year. 

Have a lovely day~


Christmas sketch of Ichabod Crane after Abbie shows him the wonders of a modern Christmas

the cold never bothered me anyway

Everyone and their mother has probably drawn these two together recently but I DUN CARE. Drawing this two snow angels has been such a relaxing way to get back into digital work. 


the sorting hat takes your choice into account.

Commission for a friend of mine. Might change the writing soon tho.